Wattenmeer Nationalpark

Wattenmeer Nationalpark
living space online.

The Initial Situation

The Wattenmeer National Park is a unique natural landscape in northern Germany and neighboring countries. In the course of the relaunch, an informative and appealing website was to be created which, on the one hand, presented the national park as a whole, while at the same time highlighting the special features of the individual regions and actively responding to the very different user groups and their needs.

Our approach

  • A manageable set of page types combined with lovingly designed content elements, an attractive combination of fonts and a dynamic content grid give the editorial team a consistent and at the same time flexible construction kit for lively overview pages and attractively prepared content pages.
  • Categories and keywords enable targeted output of the content - either selected by the user or - for example for target group-specific landing pages - preset by the editorial team.
  • The website for the national park was developed on the basis of WordPress 5.
  • In order to be able to fully respond to the customer's wishes in terms of design and functionality, a dedicated theme was developed. Most of the functions could be implemented with standard plug-ins, some were specially developed for the appearance.
Openness also characterizes the detail page. Users can filter in a targeted manner via the versatile tagging.


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  • Kunde: Nationalparkverwaltung Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer
  • Branche: Nature/ Environment
  • Technologie: WordPress 5
  • Leistungen: Beratung, UX-Konzeption und Design, technische Umsetzung, Betreuung & Weiterentwicklung