European Climate Protection Initiative - Relaunch & further development with WordPress

The Task

The website of the European Climate Protection Initiative - EUKI for short - no longer met the requirements of the initiative supported by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). A relaunch was planned in 2018 with the aim of providing an up-to-date, informative and less text-heavy information platform for experts and interested members of the public.

Our Approach

The website of the European Climate Protection Initiative was completely relaunched in just under three months. User-friendly introductory offers, optimised structure and a new design derived from the logo colours of the initiative characterise the informative and inviting WordPress website.

In close coordination with the EUKI team, we first looked at the site's target groups and their information and communication needs. In the interests of both the target groups and the sender, use cases were weighted and thus the basis for a streamlined menu as well as for the structure of the various page types was created.

  • The main menu was reduced to four access points, whose naming makes it easy for the heterogeneous target groups to recognize the content on offer.

  • The competition for ideas, the heart of the EUKI - especially for those carrying out projects - is presented in a compact form with its associated documents. The web-based submission procedure for project outlines also originates from cosmoblonde and is updated annually according to requirements.

  • The EUKI projects are made accessible via an interactive map and list display. In order to make access to the consistently indexed projects even more intuitive and to link more actively between the projects, the map will be revised and functionally expanded this year.

  • In the Infothek, the EUKI and its project executing news as well as publications and videos are available.

  • A community area is currently being added to the site. Here the funded projects will be given a framework to report on their current activities, to present learnings and good practices in order to become more visible for each other as well as for their international target groups.

An online CD for the website of the EUKI was derived from the logo colours and gradients.
Using the interactive project map and the associated filterable list, you can directly access certain topics or regions.
From the start page, users are encouraged to join the projects of the European Climate Protection Initiative.

Project details

  • URL:
  • Customer: German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)
  • Realisation: Relaunch: 3 months (2018/19), ongoing support and further development
  • Technology: WordPress
  • Work: Concept, UI design, frontend and backend programming, training, ongoing support and further development