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Design rebrush for the city portal

The initial situation

In the course of the relaunch of the city of Dresden's website in 2014, we created a visual presence that makes the city's new corporate design tangible online and offers users optimised access to and active user guidance through the diverse content.

In 2022, a design rebrush was commissioned, in the course of which the overall impression of the city portal and its elements were modernised and the user experience optimised.

Rebrush 2022

At the beginning of 2022, we were commissioned by the city of Dresden to review the current website for up-to-dateness and user-friendliness. The central questions were: Can the design still convince in 2022? Are the previous design elements sufficient to present the amount of information that has grown in the meantime in a clear and concise way? Is the site in its current form user-friendly?

Excerpt from the before and after display of the start page of
  • In an analysis process, we worked out the biggest pain points and offered design and conceptual solutions.
  • Using several sample pages, we checked the design concept for consistency and sustainability - a good orientation aid for the programming!
  • For an easy-to-understand documentation of the changes for internal programming by the city's IT, all elements with their interactive states were clearly presented in an element library.
  • The new design is currently being technically implemented and will probably be visible on the website from the beginning of 2023.


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  • Kunde: Stadt Dresden
  • Branche: Kultur
  • Umsetzung: Relaunch 2014, Design-Rebrush 2022
  • Technologie: TYPO3
  • Leistungen: Beratung, Konzeption, IA/UX, Screendesign, Frontend-Prototyping