New Project: Support and further development of the Federal Cultural Foundation

We have been developing the website of the Federal Cultural Foundation since 2018. Advise on expanding and optimizing the site with regard to user groups and usability, current developments on the web and in the foundation. Update and expand existing functions. Program (application) processes, extensions and interfaces. Provide support with editorial and design templates for the accessible website and ensure its security. We are always happy about the good and inspired cooperation.

What a joy that we can continue to do just that!


New Project: Support for the foundation "Children do research"

Since 2018, we have been managing the diverse web offering of the Foundation "Children do research" (formerly: House of little scientists) and are gradually developing it further in a target group-oriented manner.

We are very pleased to have been awarded the contract for the further support of the foundation's websites and look forward to continuing our good cooperation!

Fortbildungsangebote und unheimlich viele Praxisanregungen für das Forschen mit Kindern auf der Website der Stiftung Kinder forschen


New Project: UX concept & design for the College of Jewish Studies

Together with WTL Innohub we applied for the relaunch of the University of Jewish Studies in Heidelberg and were awarded the contract!

We are very excited to have been given the wonderful task of presenting this fine school of hoe in a target group-oriented way and to be working with WTL Innohub once again!

Ausschnitt aus der Designskizze für den Pitch der Hochschule für Jüdische Studien - Interessierten einen Einblick in eine "Schnupperwoche" geben


New Project: Relaunch of the Ibero-American Institute of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation

The Ibero-American Institute (IAI) is an interdisciplinary institution for academic and cultural exchange with Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal. As part of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (SPK), it houses the largest European library specializing in the Ibero-American cultural area and is a place of knowledge production, knowledge transfer and cultural translation.

The web presence of this unique information, research and cultural center has become outdated and is now to be fundamentally relaunched and modernized for the future. Having recently designed the Online SPK Magazin, we are delighted to have been awarded the contract for this beautiful and challenging task!


Live: Design rebrush for

In 2014/15, we restructured and redesigned the city of Dresden's website. In 2022, the city invited tenders for a design analysis and redesign with the aim of creating a contemporary, friendlier and clearer presentation of the very heterogeneous content.

Now is online with a new look and feel. In the words of our customer: "The site looks fresh, chic and at the same time very tidy, which was very important to us given the wealth of information we have."

We really like the result for!
Our case study describes the development process

Großzügiger, klarer - Ausschnitt der Startseite von nach dem Design-Rebrush


Revised: Solr search and further optimizations for the Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg

We have been managing the website of the Hanse Wissenschaftskollegs - an Institute for Advanced Study in northwest Germany - for several years.
During this year's strategy meeting, we identified potential for optimization to best meet the needs of the college and its users. The site has now been launched with a powerful Solr search, a new media library, an optimized overview of events and an online application form for the fellowships.

Take a look at the exciting world of research at the Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg

Institute for Advanced Studies - Ausschnitt aus der überarbeiteten Startseite des Hanse Wissenschaftskollegs


New Project: Relaunch of the University of Regensburg

With its 12 faculties, the University of Regensburg (UR) is a nationally and internationally renowned comprehensive university with an excellent research spectrum, an attractive range of courses, a high sense of social responsibility and strong regional roots. In an agile process, the TYPO3 website of the UR is now to be comprehensively optimized and relaunched in order to make the attractive location with its academic atmosphere visible and tangible.

We are delighted to have been awarded this exciting contract together with WTL Innohub!


We won! TYPO3 Award in the "Culture" category for

Several hundred websites were submitted to this year's TYPO3 Award in order to win one of the coveted prizes in one of the 13 categories. This year's winners were announced at a festive gala dinner during T3CON23. We are delighted that"Museums in Bavaria" has won the prize in the "Culture" category! is the central entry point to Bavaria's diverse museum and exhibition landscape. Offers from around 1,300 museums and exhibition venues throughout Bavaria, which can be filtered by region, city, topic or search term, invite you to discover them. Exciting tips from the Museumsperlen blog, the "hockdiher" podcast and the newsletter round off the website's diverse offering.

The participating museums can maintain their data independently via complex front-end editing, and visitors can share their opinions and experiences.
The website of the State Office for Non-State Museums in Bavaria was implemented as a client solution for B2B communication.
Both websites were made fully accessible.

to the winning site "Museums in Bavaria“
to the case study of the project
Infos & Impressionen of the TYPO3-Award

cosmoblonde Geschäftsführerin Christina Heres & die anderen Gewinner der diesjährigen TYPO3-Awards


Great news - 2 websites shortlisted for the TYPO3 Awards!

We are delighted that our two accessible TYPO3 projects Museen in Bayern and the website for the​​​​​​​ Global Forum of the German Council for Sustainable Development have been shortlisted for this year's TYPO3 Award!


New Project: Relaunch of the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

Located in the center of Germany, Ostfalia​​​​​​​ sees itself as a practice-oriented university with regional connections and international networking, which teaches and researches for a sustainable, future-oriented society.

The relaunch of the university website is intended to create a self-confident presence that makes the Ostfalia visible and tangible in its personality and its offerings for the relevant target groups. Contemporary, dynamic, an open-minded and at the same time down-to-earth university.

We are delighted to be able to accompany and support Ostfala on this journey!


Live: "Global Forum Website" for the German Council for Sustainable Development

With the "Global Forum", the Council for Sustainable Development supports a network of councils, commissions and similar advisory bodies for sustainable development.

In February we were awarded the contract to create a website for the Global Forum. Based on our low-barrier framework "cosmo_amtrack", a website has now been created in just under 5 months that provides knowledge, good practices and current information, and presents the work, resources and actors of the Global Forum.
Modern, lively and accessible to all interested parties.

Click here to visit the Global Forum website


Live: the new website of the German Digital Library

The German Digital Library(DDB) is a great idea! With the aim of making the country's cultural heritage accessible for education, research or simply for enjoyment, the DDB networks the digital offerings of hundreds of cultural and knowledge institutions and makes them accessible in one digital place.  In the meantime, around 45 million objects from all cultural sectors and all genres can be researched free of charge in the DDB. 

In 2021, a new interaction and design concept for this "culture search engine" was put out to tender - the structure, user guidance and design were to be updated and better adapted to the requirements of the users. In an extensive UX process, target groups and use cases were considered, structure, layout and user guidance were optimised and a striking new design was developed, which with its flat red gives the completely different contents of this digital library space to work. 
The prototype was tested and optimised with a large user group. The technical implementation was carried out by FIZ Karlsruhe.

The "new DDB" not only offers a huge treasure trove of searchable content - in addition to the 170 or so virtual exhibitions already curated by the DDB, the new portal also invites visitors to discover wonderful topic dossiers, a blog with fascinating questions about the content and, for example, calendar page.

Find practical tips for a diversified exploration of the German Digital Library here


Live: The SPK Magazine

A lot of interesting things happen at the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation (Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, SPK), quasi permanently and more than could be well presented in the dossiers of the foundation's website. Thus, the idea of an online magazine was born, which gives space to the many topics and events within the cosmos of the SPK.

As of now, interested users can dive into the diverse topics and developments of the foundation on the website of the new online magazine, delve into them in a targeted manner, find inspiration or even let themselves be driven by them.

click here for the SKP MAGAZINE


Live: new website for 1,400 museums in Bavaria

The State Agency for Non-governmental Museums in Bavaria is the central entry point to the diverse landscape of over 1,400 non-governmental Bavarian museums and collections, and at the same time a professional contact point for curators, exhibition makers and museum educators.

With the relaunch of the Museumsportal a widely accessible portal has been created that gives the various target groups easy and needs-based access to the world of Bavarian museums.
On the B2B-Site of the Country Office of the Landesstelle für die nichtstaatlichen Museen in Bayern, museum employees will find a good overview and easy access to the offers and services of the Landesstelle.

Fancy a little trip to Bavaria?


New Project: "Global Forum" website for the Council for Sustainable Development

With the "Global Forum", the German Council For Sustainable Developement supports a network of councils, commissions and similar advisory bodies for sustainable development.
The knowledge and experience of the very different actors are to be used to contribute to national institutional architectures for the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Central communication tool: the planned website of the Global Forum.

The website is to be a central point of contact on the topic, which not only provides knowledge, best practices and up-to-date information, but also makes it easy to get in touch, actively learn from each other and from the experiences made, give suggestions, adopt pilot approaches in one's own practice and, if necessary, cooperate with suitable actors. Modern, lively and accessible to all interested parties.

We are very pleased about the award and the agile implementation of the Global Forum website!


Live: Open Application Platform for two GIZ projects

On behalf of two programs of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), cosmoblonde designed and technically implemented an Open Application Platform (OAP) as a TYPO3 plugin. The Open Application Platform is intended to enable the digital submission of project proposals for the idea competitions of the develoPPP and BACKUP Health programs.

In November, OAP went live for the develoPPP program with four integrated calls to launch the new idea competitions A client for BACKUP health will follow in early 2023.


Live: Barrier-free project map for the "Kulturstiftung des Bundes"

Just as public institutions and buildings in analog life should be as accessible and usable as possible for all potential visitors, so should the web offerings of public institutions.

When it comes to the geographical representation of content on a map, however, accessibility on the web usually comes to an end. We are therefore all the more pleased to be able to develop an accessible map for the German Federal Cultural Foundation that reduces project locations to the essentials and makes them visible. It is just as easy to use via keyboard as via mouse or trackpad.

Feel free to try it here!

(A little scrolling down and short tip - "Tab" and "Enter" are the magic keys).


Live: Database of G7/G20 outcome documents

As informal forums of the most important industrialized countries (G7) and industrialized and emerging economies (G20), the G7 and G20 agree on joint positions on an increasingly broad spectrum of global issues. 
The working methods of the G7 and G20 follow a process with their "own language". The (further) development of this common language is the central concern of the groups and the main subject of the negotiations under the annually changing chairmanship.

In line with this basic structure, a considerable number of documents (communiqués, declarations, annexes, etc.) have been published within both forums over the years. Since both the G7 and the G20 are informal groupings, there has been no formal body to collect the outcome documents and resolutions of the numerous past meetings and make them available to a broad circle of interested parties.

In order to offer interested persons a generally accessible and clear possibility to search quickly, efficiently and target-oriented for documents of the G7 and G20, as well as keywords contained therein, a database was now to be developed in an agile process on behalf of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), which contains all relevant texts from approx. 500-800 documents and makes them searchable.

Initially implemented and tested as an MVP, the database was expanded to a full version and has now gone live.
Via a user-friendly, simple and visually appealing English-language website, documents can now be quickly found, searched by specific parameters, compared and shared.

To the database of G/G20 outcome documents


Live: L!NX - the new educational platform of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Political education is one of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation's core tasks. L!NX, the Foundation's new educational platform, has now been developed especially for younger target groups, self-learners and multipliers - basic content with a critical eye & left-wing perspective.

We brought on board to develop the name. "L!NX" says unmistakably what the program is.We developed the design based on the collaged character of handmade demonstration calls and implemented it in a fresh and independent digital look. 
With a clear structure and compact content, L!NX offers its target groups easy access to the most important topics of left-wing politics, background information and material to become active themselves.

The best thing to do is to take a look:  L!NX - was sonst? 


New Project: Interaction and design concept for the portal "Cultural Objects from a Colonial Context" of the DDB

2021 we developed a user-oriented interaction and design concept for the German Digital Library (DDB), which is currently being implemented technically.

Since 2022, a sub-portal for cultural objects from colonial contexts has been under construction. The portal "Sammlungsgut aus kolonialen Kontexten" makes already digitized and indexed collection items from colonial contexts available online within the existing portal of the German Digital Library (DDB). 

In a UX process, the central target groups of this portal are now to be defined and potential users surveyed. In line with the requirements and needs identified, a portal is to be conceived and designed that provides the best possible user experience for the key target groups.

We are very pleased to be involved in this challenging project!