Happy Birthday cosmoblonde!

In numerology, 19 stands for happiness, joy and gratitude.

Looking back on nineteen eventful years at cosmoblonde, we can fully agree. We would like to add liveliness, ever exciting challenges, always learning, growing, discovering (ourselves) anew.

It is a fantastic field in which we work. Many years of brand communication have been fun and brought in a lot of awards. The slow transition to institutional communication for clients in the fields of education, culture and environment has brought a sense of purpose and a lot of wonderfully complex communication tasks that we as a team enjoy tackling together with our clients.

We have been really fortunate, thank you to our clients for their trust and to our fantastic team for making it all happen! Here's to a great last teen year! 


Based On User Survey: New homepage for ""

At the end of 2020, we conducted a user survey on behalf of the "Haus der kleinen Forscher" ("Little Scientists` House") foundation. The initial point was that the homepage does not really reflect what the foundation is and offers, and what users are looking for on the website.

Three versions were created and sent into the race. Video interviews were conducted with users who are familiar with the foundation and its services, as well as those who have never heard of "Haus der kleinen Forscher". 
The results were exciting and have been incorporated into the creation of the new homepage.

You may want to take a look - there's plenty to discover!


New Calls For IKI: Submission via sketch process from cosmoblonde

A new call for the International Climate Initiative's (IKI) Medium Grants program was launched at the end of February. A global funding call for small projects addressing adaptation to the Covid 19 pandemic and climate change, as well as projects focusing on ambitious climate action.
Almost simultaneously, the second round of calls for the IKI Small Grants program closed in February with tremendous participation. More than 500 organizations from 83 developing and emerging countries submitted applications to the funding program of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) to protect the climate or biodiversity.

The calls of both programs are conducted with the "sketch procedure" developed by cosmoblonde on the basis of TYPO3.
The sketch procedure is a comprehensive form tool with which calls of scalable size can be created, managed and communicated.

Find out more about the sketching process in the case study


Live: The new website of the "Nationalpark Wattenmeer"

The Wadden Sea is a World Heritage Site. With its unique landscape and all there is to do and discover there, it attracts people from all over the world every year.

On the new website implemented with WordPress, the three participating federal states invite you to discover the national park. Landscape, flora and fauna can be explored as well as offers and usage possibilities.
The Wadden Sea is really exciting - online and offline alike.

To the website of the Nationalpark Wattenmeer >


New Project: Implementation of an archive database + website for research in G7/G20 documents

As informal forums of the most important industrialized (G7) and industrialized and emerging countries (G20), the G7 and G20 agree on a large part of common positions on an increasingly broad range of global issues. 
Within both forums, a considerable number of documents have been published over the years of their existence. 

The database currently being developed by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is intended to make these documents available to a wide range of interested parties.
A database with an associated website is planned, which will offer interested parties the opportunity to search quickly, efficiently and in a targeted manner for G7 and G20 documents and the keywords they contain. Data found should be able to be compared and visually processed.

We are very happy about the award and the realization of this exciting project!


New Project: (Re)development of the evaluation platform i-Eval

i-EVAL i-EVAL is an online platform for the evaluation of international youth encounters. The platform provides organizers of youth encounters with scientifically developed questionnaires, currently in five languages.

i-EVAL is scientifically supported by the Forschungsverbund Freizeitenevaluation (EH Ludwigsburg / TH Köln), the tool is maintained by IJAB since 2017.

In addition to the direct benefit of providing evaluable feedback to organizers of youth encounters, the establishment and dissemination of i-EVAL also contributes to the fact that anonymous analyses can be carried out from the data pool, which make qualitative developments in the field of international youth work visible and are included in the data report "International Youth Work". 

Currently, there are three instances of the tool, which will now be transferred to TYPO3 and optimized both functionally and in terms of design.

We are very pleased to have been awarded this exciting task!


Live: The GIZ Developement Cooperation & Equality Website

In time for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we were pleased to launch GIZ's new Development Cooperation & Gender Equality website today.

Gender equality is now firmly anchored in all key international development cooperation processes and agendas as an explicit goal and guiding principle for action. Despite all the progress made, gender-specific disadvantages, discrimination and human rights violations continue to shape the lives of many people around the world, especially women and girls.  

On its new website Gender and Development the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) presents its approach and current information on gender equality in development cooperation.
Eight key topics are highlighted, practical examples are presented and background information is provided. Of particular interest is the database of experts, which presents specialists with specific sectoral knowledge.

cosmoblonde realized the project from consulting to conception, design and technical implementation in TYPO3.The goal was to present the complex topic in a clear and inviting way in order to offer interested users an easy and well-founded introduction to the subject.
The website is bilingual and largely barrier-free.

Click here for the Gender and Development website


Live: Rework from

Based on the existing design and the connected database, the website of the "kulturBdigital" programme of the Technology Foundation Berlin has been completely revised.

Besides functional enhancements, the aim was to restructure the content in a user-friendly way, especially to make the practice-oriented tips and contributions more visible and easier to access through new categories.

The start page has been redesigned to offer easy access to the complex topics and current events of the program in an attractive way.

The site was implemented using WordPress, the revised content elements create a consistent appearance, and the Gutenberg Editor offers the editorial team user-friendly freedom.

Click here for the website


Live: The new website of the GIZ Green Cooling Initiative

The Green Cooling Initiative of the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) promotes the provision of climate-friendly and energy-efficient cooling solutions and connects operators from the refrigeration and air conditioning sector worldwide.

We have been managing the portal since 2017, in 2020 we completely redesigned it in the course of a relaunch. Now it is live - clear, fresh and confident in design, significantly streamlined in structure and content, dynamic in the linking and compilation of content, thanks to integrated solr searchengine.


Click here for the new website of the Green Cooling Initiative



New Project: Revision and further development of the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg

The Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK) is one of about 25 Institutes for Advanced Studies worldwide. Inspired by the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, the approach of these institutes is to give the researching mind space, time and good company.

This inner attitude, the offers and also the uniqueness of the HWK should be reflected more strongly on the website of the college. Structure, design, user guidance and functions are intended to invite those interested within the core target groups to immerse themselves in the world, the network and the possibilities of the HWK.

We are very pleased to have been awarded the contract for this exciting project!


New Project: Award for the revision of

The Technology Foundation Berlin (TSB) awards cosmoblonde the contract for the complete revision and expansion of the WordPress website of the programme "kulturBdigital - Digital Development in the Cultural Sector".

In close cooperation with the TSB, we relaunch with the aim of offering cultural workers inspiring, easily accessible and practical information about the diverse digitisation of Berlin's cultural sector.The new website is scheduled to go live in early July.


Live: The new website of the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm

The University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm (HNU) is a modern and practice-oriented International Business School in southern Germany.

In the course of the last ten months, we have developed a complex design and function system to match the bold corporate design of the university. This system offers a varied and consistent spectrum of ways of expression based on TYPO3 to the editors. Have a look at it!

Click here for the HNU website


Live: Rebrush of the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation

The website of the Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten was to be cleaned up, modernised and adapted to the Foundation's current corporate design.

In the course of a comprehensive rebrush process, we developed a contemporary and generous look and feel for the complex linked data structure, which gives the castles in particular more room to operate and communicate.

The core contents around the objects and events were technically reconstructed using TYPO3 to make current and future requirements realizable.

The ticket shop of the foundation was adapted to the new design of the website and extended by a family ticket.

Fancy a trip into the world of Prussian castles and gardens? Click here for the website


New Project: Award for the relaunch of the Green Cooling Initiative of GIZ

Refrigeration and air conditioning systems are responsible for a significant proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions.
The Green Cooling Initiative (GCI) of the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) is committed to promoting green cooling technologies and encourages exchange between technology providers and users as well as between industry, public institutions and civil society.

We are very excited to have been awarded the contract for consulting on the reorientation and relaunch of the TYPO3 website of the Green Cooling Initiative in a public tender!


Live: Embrace Now - intuitive matching via app

Explaining Embrace Now is not easy. The initial idea was to create an app that would allow people to show how they really feel at the moment. Really, really.

Since words and selfies can be a temptation to show how smooth and great everything is, Embrace Now should do without both right from the start. The question was - how do you show yourself then?

The answer of Embrace Now is one you can feel. You can create a moving picture of your own emotional state in just a few steps by selecting colors, shapes and animations in the app, right at this very moment.

As these " soulpictures " became visible during development, a new idea was born. How would it be if people could discover themselves using these images alone and come into contact with each other through them? How could it be to communicate not only myself, but perhaps also the workshop I want to offer, primarily through a moving picture?

So we designed and deposited an intuitive matching, showing which people or offers fit well with my current picture. At the back of the pictures there is also the possibility to write something about yourself or your offer - if a few words are supportive.

Maybe you would like to try it out?

Embrace Now is available for free in the Google Play Store and in the iTunes Store

More information about Embrace Now can be found on the website 


...and a Happy New Year!


New Project: Award for the intranet of the Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn

For over 100 years, the Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn (NEB) has been providing a connection between city and county in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

NEB now wants to set up an intranet for its approximately 400 employees, which will make it easier for everyone to keep up to date with what is happening and what is on offer in the company.

cosmoblonde was awarded the contract for the conception, design and technical implementation of this intranet based on TYPO3.


New Project: Relaunch of the gender knowledge platform of the GIZ is the web portal on which the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) provides information and presents projects and initiatives for more gender equality. 

Within the framework of a public tender, cosmoblonde was awarded the contract for the relaunch and subsequent support of the portal, as well as the related expert database.


Live: New website for the center of advanced european studies and research (caesar)

The caesar research centre is associated with the renowned Max Planck Society and conducts basic research in the field of neuroethology.

Since June 2019 caesar has a new website. Modular in the spirit of the Atomic design approach and implemented with the Open Source CMS MODX.
Get a lively impression of the research institute and its activities, learn what neuroethology exactly means and experience MODX in action.

To the new caesar website >


New Project: Relaunch of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences

Within a public tender cosmoblonde was awarded the contract to relaunch the TYPO3-based website of the Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences. We are very happy about this exciting task and another customer from the education sector!