Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation

Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation
Facelift of a complex TYPO3 landscape

The Initial Situation

The Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg (SPSG) looks after some of the most beautiful and important testimonies from four centuries of art, cultural and architectural history in Berlin-Brandenburg. It maintains and preserves, researches and communicates these cultural treasures in a variety of ways.

Our Task

As part of a public invitation to tender, cosmoblonde was awarded the contract to gradually optimize the website and the ticket shop of the SPSG Foundation during ongoing operations and make them more user-friendly.
In the course of a comprehensive rebrush process, the design should be tidied up, modernized and adapted to the current corporate design of the foundation.

Generous stage as an atmospheric introduction to the world of Prussian palaces and gardens
Direct entry for different target groups and interests on the new homepage.
Practical additional information that can be opened right next to the castle or garden
Generous space for pictures - e.g. impressions from the castles and gardens.

The Implementation

  • First of all, it was about an update to the current TYPO3 version, a conceptual and design makeover of the start page as well as the optimization and expansion of the ticket shop.
  • In order to make it transparent for the internal stakeholders who should be addressed and with what needs, requirements, usage habits, etc. these users access the SPSG offer, target group personas were initially developed and their central use cases were defined and prioritized.
  • Building on the communication goals and the prioritized user groups or use cases, the website, online CD and shop of the SPSG have now been successively redesigned in a user-oriented manner and gradually optimized from the inside.
  • The result is an inviting website that actively encourages its very heterogeneous international user base to discover the diverse aspects of the SPSG.
  • A contemporary and generous look and feel was developed for the complex linked data structure, which gives the locks in particular more space to act and communicate.
  • The core content around the objects and events was completely rebuilt technically in TYPO3 in order to make current and future requirements realizable.
  • The foundation's ticket shop has been adapted to the new design of the website and its functions have been expanded.


  • URL:
  • Kunde: Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation
  • Branche: Stiftung
  • Umsetzung: Rework Autumn 2018 - February 2020, ongoing support
  • Technologie: TYPO3, Magento (Ticketshop)
  • Leistungen: Consulting, UX conception, design, technical realisation