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TYPO3 site with a lot of pictures, news & attitude

Initial situation

In the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation's old site, the structure and navigation offerings had adapted to the Foundation's topics and work units over the years - as a result, clarity and orientation fell behind.

Central wishes for the redesign were:

  • more overview, more active entry into the diverse offers of the foundation
  • updated, contemporary online design
  • a varied overview of the Foundation's current topics and events
  • an easily recognisable thematic focus of individual pages
  • more editorial freedom

UX concept

For the user personae defined in previous workshops, their central concerns and use cases, entry scenarios were developed to check the fit of the page structure and the elements for the target groups.

In addition to the dynamic overview pages, which are very varied thanks to the Newsall extension, the monothematic filterable tile and list pages in particular allow quick access and targeted retrieval of specific content.

Responsive views of the new site on desktop, tablet and smartphone
By selecting categories and keywords, the search can compile thematic dossier pages
The overview of the numerous current appointments is also generated dynamically via the Elastic search.

Navigation and design development

  • The navigation was intentionally kept flat and is shown in all responsive views with a menu icon. In this way, the content comes to the fore and the search is also actively positioned as a navigation tool.
  • In support of the fold-out main menu in which the first 3 content levels are managed, editors can insert fold-out navigation elements in the content area on sub-pages. This is a clear navigation advantage, especially for mobile users.
  • In the design, the very red and area-oriented CD of the foundation was taken up and implemented in concise teaser, content and functional elements.
  • The background images can be used specifically as thematic hooks for the individual pages. Intentional empty spaces loosen up the impression of the content teasers and convey the feeling of a further dimension behind the content.
  • The teasers play a supporting role within this website, which is dynamically composed in many places. Accordingly, a lot of attention was paid to the design of visually and informatively clear formats that allow orientation at first glance.

Neu: L!nx – das junge Portal für linke politische Bildung

Politische Bildung gehört zu den Kernaufgaben der Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. Speziell für jüngere Zielgruppen, Selbstlerner*innen und Multiplikator*innen wurde jetzt L!NX, die neue Bildungsplattform der Stiftung entwickelt - grundlegende Inhalte mit kritischem Blick & linker Perspektive.

  • Für die Entwicklung des Namens haben wir mit ins Boot geholt. "L!NX" sagt ohne Umschweife, was Programm ist.
  • Das Design haben wir angelehnt an den collagierten Charakter handgemachter Demonstrationsaufrufe entwickelt und in einem frischen und eigenständigen digitalen Look umgesetzt.
  • Mit übersichtlicher Struktur und kompakten Inhalten bietet L!NX seinen Zielgruppen leichten Einstieg in die Themenschwerpunkte linker Politik, Hintergründe und Material zum selbst aktiv werden.


  • URL:
  • Kunde: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
  • Branche: Stiftung
  • Umsetzung: Since 2011, ongoing support and further development, relaunch in 2018, rebrush 2021, L!nx as client website 2022
  • Technologie: TYPO3 (Version 9.5)
  • Leistungen: Editorial and technical consulting, UX design, usability optimisation, frontend and backend programming, extension development, CMS manuals and training, support and further development
  • Besonderes: Responsive, multilingual multidomain site, barrier-free