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MODX relaunch

The Initial Situation

The research center caesar (center of advanced european studies and research) is associated with the renowned Max Planck Society and conducts basic research in the field of neuroethology. The interdisciplinary basic research focuses on cellular signal processing and the neural basis of behavior.

For the relaunch of the website, a target group-oriented design should be developed, which on the one hand puts research in the foreground and on the other hand confidently sets itself apart from the usual presentation of scientific institutes.
Since the previous site is based on MODX, as is not unusual in research circles, the new site should also be implemented on the basis of MODX.

Design concept

  • The customer's wish was to focus on the special features of the center's own research. Since the results of many projects are presented using impressive visualizations, it was natural to give these results space to work in the design. The black head area acts as a background against which photos and videos from the research areas can shine.
  • Overall, the area leaves a lot of space for the content. Discreet polygons in the background, a self-confident color concept, varied handling of the widths used or the polygonal "punched out" teaser images ensure a pleasantly light viewing experience with all the clarity and information orientation.

Technical implementation

The technical challenge was to implement the site with the open source CMS "MODX", which is not widely used in Germany, and to migrate to the current version "MODX revolution".
As with most of our projects, the responsive design was first developed and checked in a front-end prototype, based on Foundation 6.4 with SASS-precompiler, and then integrated into MODX.

The black head area of the page gives photos and videos from research space to shine.
Lightweight calendar module on the new start page.
Decorative illustrations on the background level deepen the spatial impression of the site and are also used as masks for the teasers.
Find the right person quickly - extensive, filterable list of all employees.


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  • Kunde: Max-Planck-Society
  • Branche: Stiftung
  • Umsetzung: Launch im Mai 2019, laufender Support
  • Technologie: MODX revolution
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    Beratung, Konzeption, Design, technische Realisierung, Support