~Kulturstiftung des Bundes -~~

Kulturstiftung des Bundes -
Support and further development in TYPO3

The Initial Situation

The "Kulturstiftung des Bundes" / "Federal Cultural Foundation" is one of the largest publicly funded cultural foundations in Europe. The foundation supports art and culture - without thematic restrictions and in all areas. In doing so, it places particular emphasis on promoting innovative programs and projects in an international context, on cross-border cooperation and on lively cultural exchange. To this end, the foundation initiates and supports appropriate art and culture projects upon application.

Our Task

On their website ( the "Kulturstiftung des Bundes" presents these projects. The website was redesigned at the beginning of 2018 by the agency Boros GmbH from Wuppertal: Photos and graphics were given more space, hashtags provide orientation regarding relevant topics and funding priorities, and a new search and filter function facilitates research.

For the time after the launch, the foundation was looking for an agency - with relevant experience in TYPO3 as well as in the field of culture - for the ongoing support and further development of its website. The concept of cosmoblonde was convincing.


Type And Extent Of Support

  • Consulting: Consulting on expansion and optimization of the site with regard to prioritized user groups and current development of the foundation; SEO and performance consulting
  • Programming: Optimization, maintenance, updating and extension of existing functions, templates and extensions, adaptation and optimization of form and content elements, stylesheet adaptations, programming of interfaces
  • BITV-Optimization: Complete conversion of the site to a BITV-compliant offering, development-accompanying BITV test
  • Edditorial-Support: Support for the development of optimized page samples and templates
  • Art-Direction: Customization of the existing web design and its functions as needed
  • Online-Application Process: Design and implementation of an online application and evaluation process for scholarship awards
  • Administration & Safety: Regular security checks, updates, server status monitoring, backup, structural adjustments in the backend if necessary, and much more.
  • Other Support: Support in terms of interfaces (newsletter, social media, forms), support of domain transfers, setup of shortlinks etc.

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Generous introduction to current events and the foundation's basic offerings.
The funding programs at a glance.
Loosened up list view for the events.
The picture galleries documenting events and programs.

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Art und Umfang der Betreuung

  • Beratung: Beratung zu Ausbau und Optimierung der Site in Hinblick auf priorisierte Nutzergruppen und aktuelle Entwicklung der Stiftung;  SEO und Performance-Beratung
  • Programmierung: Optimierung, Wartung, Aktualisierung und Erweiterung bestehender Funktionen, Templates und Extensions, Anpassung und Optimierung von Formular- und Inhaltselementen, Stylesheet-Anpassungen, Programmierung von Schnittstellen
  • BITV-Optimierung: Kompletter Umbau der Site hin zu einem BITV-gerechten Angebot, entwicklungsbegleitender BITV-Test
  • Redaktions-Support: Unterstützung bei der Entwicklung optimierter Seitenbeispiele und -templates
  • Art-Direktion: BedarfsgerechteAnpassungen des bestehenden Webdesigns und seiner Funktionen
  • Online-Bewerbungsprozess: Konzeption und Umsetzung eines Online-Bewerbungs- und Bewertungsprozesses für die Stipendienvergabe
  • Administration & Sicherheit: Regelmäßige Sicherheitsprüfungen, Aktualisierungen, Server-Status-Monitoring, Backup, ggf. strukturelle Anpassungen im Backend u.v.m.
  • Sonstiger Support: Support in Bezug auf Schnittstellen (Newsletter, Social Media, Formulare),Betreuung von Domain-Transfers, Einrichtung von Shortlinks etc.

Project details