i-EVAL -

i-EVAL -
Evaluation platforms for international youth encounters

The initial situation

i-EVAL and its clients are platforms for the evaluation of international youth work. They enable the self-evaluation of an international youth encounter (, a leisure activity ( or a confirmation work  ( in 17 languages!) by using questionnaires for participants and staff.
The previous Drupal system was outdated and had security problems. Due to the high cost of an upgrade, the decision was made to relaunch in TYPO3, in the course of which the UX design of the platforms was optimized to suit the target group.

New colours for i-Eval
New colors for i-Eval: leisure time
New colors for i-konf

The task

In the course of the relaunch, all existing functionalities of the old Drupal system were to be redeveloped in TYPO3 within 7 months.

  • A "fastlane" should be designed that enables power users to create and evaluate surveys more quickly;
  • Multilingualism should be optimized in the back-end and front-end;
  • A flexible deployment system for the 3 platforms should be developed that can manage multiple clients and multiple instances;
Easy visual appeal to the international young target groups

The implementation

The new i-EVAL is a powerful, decentralized survey system that numerous providers can use to evaluate their youth camps. The data entered can be visualized and analyzed - completely anonymously - and is also available for scientific evaluation. Free of charge, customizable, multilingual, compliant with data protection laws.

Survey Design

  • With i-EVAL, questionnaire designers create scientifically tested questionnaires that they can provide to interviewers for any number and size of surveys.
  • The new UI design has a youthful, fresh look and provides an easy overview of the many functions.
  • A multi-level authorization system allows the different user roles to differentiate the system.
  • Results of surveys can be compared among each other and exported in different formats - correctly and scientifically valid.


  • Three data collection methods are available to interviewers: In addition to handing out paper questionnaires, participation codes can be listed or sent by mail. Furthermore, data can be efficiently entered manually on a "Quick Entry" interface.
  • Interviewers have the option of supplementing the standard questionnaires with additional questions. Depending on the rubric or question type, these questions are integrated into the existing questionnaire at the right place.
  • Interviewers have an overview of the survey's progress: How many questionnaires are in circulation? How many have been filled out? And all this in real time! After closing the survey, the results are available ad hoc for viewing and evaluation.

Survey Deluxe

  • Per code entry i-EVAL guarantees the anonymity of the respondents of the online survey.
  • The code system allows the individual code to be entered several times, so that participation in the survey is possible in stages - even on different end devices (smartphone, computer or tablet).
  • For international surveys i-EVAL is multilingual by default. Changing languages - even during the online survey - is no problem!
  • Scalability included - the new system is optimized for the further development and creation of additional i-EVAL platforms.


  • URL:
  • Kunde: i-Eval
  • Branche: Project - featured
  • Technologie: TYPO3 (Version 9.5)
  • Leistungen: Consulting, UX conception and design, front- and backend programming