Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU)

Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU)
modern university, strong profile with TYPO3

Our Task

The Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences (HNU) is an international business school in southern Germany. In interdisciplinary bachelor's and master's degree courses, students are prepared here for management activities and leadership positions in a practical manner.

Building on the university's new, brightly colored and high-contrast corporate design, a website was to be developed that would further develop the CD in a media-friendly manner and show a clear and self-confident profile in terms of address and orientation.
The most important target group of the new site are national and international bachelor and master students, to whom the HNU would like to offer clear and straightforward access in its offer. The new website should be barrier-free for all interested parties.

HNU: New colors

Our approach

  • The workshops at the beginning of the project focused on the central target groups, their needs and applications, as well as the goals of the university.
  • A clear focus was placed on the target group of prospective students. For them, the HNU should be recognizable at first glance as a courageous and modern educational institution.
  • The structure of the website has been more clearly aligned with the main focus of the university and the interests of prospective students and students. The website offers you clear and short routes to the content in various ways.
  • With the help of our target group matrix, the departments and departments were able to weight their content when revising the content and align it with the prioritized target groups.
  • The responsive design was developed as a design system based on the atomic design. All design elements have a functional counterpart in TYPO3, changes and further developments are implemented synchronously on all levels of the "modular system".
  • Barrier poverty was an important requirement in the design and front-end development and was checked during the process by internal university experts, as well as tested by BIK.
  • A powerful Solr search makes the content of the site searchable and linkable in a variety of ways.
Overview of the offers for international students.
Entry into the "Research" area.
The transfer profile of the HNU.
Clear introduction to the description of the courses.
Smooth overview of the course content.
Step element to display the temporal structure of the course content.


  • URL:
  • Kunde: Hochschule Neu-Ulm (HNU)
  • Branche: Aktuell
  • Umsetzung: Relaunch 2019 - 2020, fortlaufende Betreuung
  • Technologie: TYPO3, Solr
  • Leistungen: Beratung, Konzeption, Design, Front- und Backend-Programmierung, Editorial Support, Schulungen, Betreuung / Weiterentwicklung
  • Besonderes: Responsiv, barrierearm