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Green Cooling Initiative -
TYPO3 website for climate friendly cooling solutions



The design process

  • In preparatory workshops, the topic area was first illuminated, the target groups defined and prioritized, and a basic concept developed on this basis.
  • As one of the key players in the field of green cooling, the initiative presents the topic in a clear and professional manner and thus offers a contact point for international experts as well as other interested users.
  • In the form of wireframes, the most important pages, functions and content elements were coordinated and optimized with the client team.
  • The wireframes were used to create an inital click dummy that allowed for initial testing early in the project.
  • From the designed content elements, central pages and functions of the websites were built up as a proof-of-concept and later created as templates for the editorial team in TYPO3.

Conception and implementation

Concept sketch of the interactive world map...
and their design-functional implementation.

Our approach

  • The new TYPO3 website of the initiative has a clear, fresh and self-confident design.
  • In terms of content, it offers a lot of dynamic content managed via a solr searchengine, which users can query and filter quickly and according to their needs - news articles, best practice examples, members of the global network as well as interesting publications and media content on the topics of the Green Cooling Initiative.
  • The design and code of the content elements are based on a design system that leaves plenty of room for editorial work and at the same time enables a consistent appearance throughout.
  • Design and function of elements are closely linked, so changes made in one place can easily be conjugated through all layers of an element.
  • The functional core of the site is an interactive world map that dynamically provides detailed information on the emission levels of individual countries in relation to cooling technologies - now and in perspective development. With the relaunch, the existing map was expanded to include editorial and user-friendly functions, the database was updated, and the appearance was adapted to the website's new design.

  • The design and technology of the website meet the requirements of WCAG 2.0 Level AA.

Project details

  • URL:
  • Customer: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
  • Branch: Project - featured
  • Technology: TYPO3 (Version 9.5)
  • Work: Consulting, UX conception and design, front- and backend programming