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Gender in German Development -
TYPO3 website for gender equality in development cooperation


    The Initial Situation

    "Gender in German Development" is a project of the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit" (GIZ) whose focus is on gender equality in German development cooperation.
    The focus is on eight gender-sensitive sectors of development cooperation - analogous to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. For these sectors, the website provides facts, figures, projects and tools to show the current situation of the respective sector with regard to gender equality and what has been done so far.

    In the course of the comprehensive relaunch, the website's profile and range of services were to be updated and sharpened in order to offer different target groups appealing and easy access to qualified information.

    Colors, shapes and illustrations loosen up the overall picture and invite the reader to get started with the factual topics.


    In terms of content, the site places a clear focus on the topic of gender equality in development cooperation. This focused orientation enables it to communicate the topic in an easily recognizable way.
    The editorial team would like to use this advantage to establish the website as a high-quality and up-to-date point of contact on the topic through its own and aggregated content.

    • The site offers up-to-date basic information on eight key topics. Well-structured overviews as well as references to sources and numerous additional information for in-depth study of the topics.
    • An interactive map presents projects and activities on gender issues in German development cooperation.
    • A small quiz on the home page and a compact "Fact of the Month", provide an easy introduction to the thematic field even for people unfamiliar with the subject.
    • Since the content uses numerous technical terms, a glossary function has been integrated. Information on selected terms is displayed as a tooltip via mouseover.
    • The expert database offers experienced consultants on gender issues in development cooperation a platform to introduce themselves and facilitates the search for suitable experts for current projects.


    In terms of design, the website aimed to operate on neutral ground between the initiators, the German Society for International Cooperation and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation.

    • In order to achieve this and an appealing presentation of the content, we developed a clear yet light formal language and a warm and friendly color concept that somewhat softens the coolness of the factual sector program.
    • Since there are hardly any images to accompany the content, colored areas, illustrations, diagrams, content elements that can be used flexibly, and a varied page grid were used to provide a loosened-up and inviting presentation of the information.

    The technical implementation

    • We used a design system for this website as well - design and function of elements are closely linked, so changes can be easily conjugated through all layers of an element.
    • The site was implemented on the basis of TYPO3 version 10.4.
    • The expert database was redesigned and rebuilt from scratch.
    • The research results, which can be expressed in figures, are presented with the help of diagrams and dynamic infographics. These visualizations can be filled with data by the editorial team directly via the TYPO3 backend and their appearance can be customized. The display is done with the help of the Javascript library "HighCharts".
    • The website was fundamentally implemented barrier-free.
    The home page offers appealing direct entries to the versatile target groups.
    Editorially maintainable diagrams pick up the color system and illustrate essential facts.
    Illustrations developed for the website illustrate the eight main topics.

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    Weitere Projekte:

    Project details

    • URL:
    • Customer: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
    • Branch: Project - featured
    • Technology: TYPO3 (Version 10.4)
    • Work: Consulting, UX conception and design, front- and backend implementation, database development