Film University Babelsberg - film galore!

Initial Situation

The Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf is the oldest and largest film university in Germany. The Film University sees itself as a lively place of free research, teaching and art - all about film.

At the university presents itself to its target groups. As is the case with other universities, there are very diverse user groups that are to be addressed in a targeted manner: Prospective students and students as well as partners from art, science and business and the film interested public.

The Task

Not only the TYPO3 version of the old website was visibly outdated when we were commissioned with the relaunch in the summer of 2017:

  • The existing site was only optimized for small desktop monitors and did not react responsive on mobile devices.

  • The page and navigation structure tended to be confusing and hardly met the needs of the target user groups.

  • Many of the pages - especially the start page - seemed text-heavy and quite static. A tight corset for a creative university.

All this was to change: The aim of the relaunch was to create a contemporary Internet presence with a high proportion of (moving) images, which would make it possible to experience the diversity of the Film University online and be guided by a high aesthetic standard.

Design & User Experience

  • The new website puts the (moving) image in the foreground. The clear page structure with lots of white space makes motifs and colours look particularly good.

  • The navigation structure and the various navigation offers are geared to the different user groups and their needs and always allow easy access to the relevant content and good orientation.

  • The dynamic homepage focuses on current content: film trailers, dates and news outline the Filmuni's spectrum of activities and present the user with a wide variety of materials, forms, genres and formats.

  • The compact selection of different page types created in TYPO3, together with a diverse construction kit of content and functional elements, enables a varied presentation of content and topics. An expressive spectrum that does justice to the personality and content of the film university.

Easy access to the content of the new TYPO3 site via dynamically populated (video) teaser areas in the Newswall extension developed by us.
Striking entrances to the wide range of courses offered by the Film University.
Good for a first impression - trailers and selected short films for streaming.
Exemplary detail page: "Events"
Clarity and various display formats can be used on the detail -level (spelling error German version) for an appealing presentation of the contents.

Project details

  • URL: htpps://
  • Customer: Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf
  • Branch: Entertainment
  • Realisation: 6 Months
  • Technology: TYPO3 8.7
  • Work: Conception, design, front- and backend programming, technical support and further development