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Embrace Now -
intuitive matching via app

The Big Picture

The idea behind Embrace Now was to create an app that would allow people to show how they are doing. Really doing. No photos and almost no words. The question was - how do you show yourself then?

The answer of Embrace Now is one that you can feel. By selecting colors, shapes and animations you can create a moving picture of your current emotional state in just a few steps, a "SoulPicture".

When these "Soulpictures" became visible during their development, a new idea was born. What would it be like if people could discover each other with these pictures alone and get in contact with each other through them? How could it be to show myself and let me be found through a moving picture?

So we designed and deposited an intuitive matching, that shows which people or offers fit well to my current picture. On the backside of the SoulPictures there is also the possibility to write something about myself or my offer - after all a few words ;-)

The Path

Embrace Now is a deeply agile project by nature. The initial situation is the wish of our client to provide people who like to use social networks with an app that neither pursues commercial interests nor tempts them to only show their best side via selfies.

In several workshops, we worked out the possible target groups, scenarios and benefits of Embrace Now with the client.
Technically, we implemented Embrace Now as a web app based on the community framework "Oxwall". 

A big feature - the app can generate revenue, but it doesn't have to. If there are profits, 75% of them support social projects. Embrace Now is a gift to its users. A gift that can develop with its use exactly where the users would most like it to be. We will continue to report...

Would you like to just try this out?
Embrace Now is available for free in the Google Play Store and in the iTunes Store

For more info about Embrace Now, visit: 

First, I choose four colors that just appeal to me....
Which shape appeals to me the most right now? Here it's a good idea to let the shapes changing through background color and animation have a bit of an effect on me.
By setting the background color, animation and speed, the SoulPicture can become even more mine.
VoilĂ  - my SoulPicture! Do I want to be matched with other people? Get matching offers presented? Post an offer myself?

Project details

  • URL:
  • Customer: Daniela Becker
  • Branch: Project - featured
  • Realisation: Mid 2017 - early 2020
  • Technology: Oxwall as social framework, Iconic for the implementation of the WebApp
  • Work: Consulting, conception, illustration, animation, screen design, technical implementation