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Theodor Fontane Archive -
new TYPO3 appearance and access to the digital archives

The starting point

The Theodor Fontane Archive is a literature archive, research institute and place of memory in one. The numerous original Fontane manuscripts that are kept here are of particular interest for research. These and other important document collections have been and are now being digitized step by step.

The new website of the archive is intended to make these digital collections accessible online to research and other literature enthusiasts around the world and - in the spirit of Theodor Fontane - to convey a cosmopolitan, innovative image.

Our approach

The Fontan Archive can do a lot and wants a lot - the focus of the relaunch was the aim of making the extensive range available to the very different user groups as effortlessly as possible and thereby positioning itself as a serious and at the same time innovative institution.

For us, these requirements opened up an exciting field of tension between classic literature and modern information presentation, which we had to address in terms of design and user guidance. A special focus was on the integration of the interfaces to the databases of the digital collections, which should be able to be explored and displayed as uniformly as possible.

The implementation

  • The design is on the one hand classic, in line with the archive item, but surprises with its light and flexible structure and bold colors.
  • Dynamic news, integrated social feeds and various entry options invite users to immerse themselves in the diverse world of Fontane.
  • Varied content elements together with a dynamic grid enable the editorial team to create a lively yet consistent page design and content preparation.
  • The digital collections - including the manuscript collection, the bibliography and the "Fontane sheets" - can be easily accessed using a powerful search or a hierarchical structure. Four of the digitized collections are currently accessible online.
Prominent presentation and direct access to the digital archives on the homepage.
Clear introduction to the digital manuscript collection.
Presentation of the digital archive content with various viewing and filter options.
Design elements on the foreground and background level create space and depth.
Together with the flexibly usable grid, the set of content elements enables a varied and relaxed page structure. Even with a lot of text.


  • URL:
  • Kunde: Theodor Fontane Archiv
  • Branche: Kultur
  • Umsetzung: Launch der Basisversion im Februar 2019, fortlaufende Weiterentwicklung
  • Technologie: TYPO3 Version 8.7, ElasticSearch
  • Leistungen: Beratung, Konzeption, Design, technische Realisierung, fortlaufender Support und Weiterentwicklung