The Newswall – a TYPO3 extension for editorial offices

Again and again we have heard from our customers the desire for lively, varied start and overview pages. Preferably combined with a manageable editorial effort.

  • Different content formats should be able to be presented - news, pictures, dates, teasers, job advertisements, videos...

  • The behavior should be responsive and if one could adjust at which position which kind of content should appear, that would be practical.

  • In case the content comes from different sources, it would be convenient not only to enter it manually in the CMS, but also to import it via RSS - and still look good.

  • Basically, it would be great to create the editorial planning of the area distribution of such a magazine-like start page once and then let the majority of the content automatically run into this news area.

  • In practice, one should be able to test different variants to see with which area distribution the (start) page can do its job best and most effectively.

Application examples of the Newswall

In addition to the Foundation's own content, the Newswall on the homepage of the Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation) contains dynamic RSS news from the affiliated institutions.
Lots of news, dates and teasers about the topic dossiers on the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation homepage.
Teaser own productions dynamically - videos, dates and news on the homepage of the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.
On the stats page of the German Society for Paediatrics and Youth Medicine, the Newswall is mainly used for news. Well placed coloured teasers lead to highlighted offers of the society. Image processing.

Function & Features Of The Newswall

The Newswall is a very versatile extension, whose great strength we see above all in its use on complex and content-rich web offers, which are actively editorially supported.

  • The Newswall offers a flexibly adaptable grid of magazine-like teaser elements.

  • All types of content teasers can be integrated into this grid: News, dates, jobs, content teasers, image teasers, sliders and so on. The newswall uses the same elements that are otherwise used within the site.

  • The content that is to appear in the newswall can come from your own site as well as - via RSS - from partner sites. In both cases, the content is presented with defined styles and thus visually merges into a harmonious whole.

  • Certain teasers or teasers of a certain species can be assigned a fixed place within the news wall: For example, two top news items are always in the first line as 25% teasers, the next event date is on position four, a prominent teaser for a current exhibition is over 50% of the available width and should be placed in the third line, and so on.

  • All places within the news wall that have not been preset are dynamically filled with news messages by the extension. This results in a continuously updated news flow with editorialally preset area distribution and weighting. 

  • The editorial staff can thus set individual priorities, orchestrate the information flow and partly automate it.

Good for the editors, good for the users

  • The Newswall Extension makes it possible to offer visitors to a home page a constantly updated news stream each time they visit, with a few firmly anchored, concise accents that facilitate orientation.

  • A newsstream that - especially on the smartphone - can be reloaded without limit, keeps the user active on the start page and offers countless content entries.

Contact us if you would like to know more about the TYPO3-Newswall Extension!

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