Logo- and Online Corporate Design Development - Beautiful, useful, to the point.

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Impressive presentation in red

During implementation of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung’s couragious corporate design we paid particular attention to transport the solid chromaticity to the web.

The alternation between strong colours in surfaces and fonts with plenty of white space characterise the site and facilitate the view of complex information.

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Gameforge AG – Games, games, games

But for the logo there were no design guidelines for Gameforge’s new corporate appearance. During the process an online-cd has been created whose responsive elements carry information clearly and solidly. The background offers space for game world adaptions to corporate information.

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Captrain - Passion for rail logistics

Actually Captrain thought themselves very conservative. None the less and in full agreement a very modern and contemporary, responsive online corporate design has been created, based on the existing logo.

Domstift Brandenburg – Change and Tradition

For Brandenburg Domstift’s new web site we created a fitting online-cd which balances clarity and vicinity based on corporate design colours and logo.

Atmospheric imagery taken from the cathedral’s environment characterise the appearance and set a pleasent antipole to straight information elements.

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DanTysk – The Creation of an Offshore Windpark

DanTysk is a joint project by Munich municipal energy supplier and Vattenfall. Our task was to develop the online-cd, fitting both partners and the emerging large-scale project.

Besides the colour and form scheme plenty of interactive elements had been created, communicating lightly the complex information. The largest of these is perhaps the animation on the start page.

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