Cisco NetAcademy - "eval-U", an online test to assess IT know-how

The Initial Situation

The company Cisco Systems is mainly known for its router and network hardware. In addition, with its Networking Academy (NetAcad), Cisco is also very active in the area of IT training and offers courses for various IT competence levels. With eval-U, NetAcad wanted to create a tool with which users can determine and document their own IT competence in a self-test.

Our Mission

When Cisco commissioned us, they had already developed the prototype for eval-U as a smartphone app. In discussions with various potential cooperation partners - including universities and vocational counselling institutes - it became clear, however, that eval-U should definitely be usable online and also as a test under controlled conditions.

For example, in order to validate the IT competences of refugees at short notice and thus be able to bring them more precisely into the labour market. Or also to determine in a compact form the suitability of participants for a course of study or their prospects of success in the IT sector. There are many possible fields of application.

Our task therefore had various components:

  • Conceptual further development of the prototype into a functional, responsive web application - for smartphone, tablet and browser.

  • New technical development based on TYPO3.

  • Extension to client capability: the test system should be able to be used with different - - branding, own question pools and different test modes by independent partners.

  • Development of an administration area for the respective partners to manage the test and user data generated in the various clients.

The Implementation

A tidy, clearly structured user interface was designed for the test, which can now be used as a web application on different end devices via the web browser. An app installation is therefore no longer necessary.

This also eliminates the sometimes technically time-consuming process of adapting to different systems and the time-consuming process of setting up the app in the various stores.

  • The system offers a high degree of flexibility: Different tests can be put together from different question pools as required. In addition, the scoring system, the level of difficulty and the mode (self-test vs. test) can be adapted to the area of application.

  • Questions, answers and other content can be conveniently entered in all languages via TYPO3. Via a specially developed, easy-to-use administration interface, future partners can create exam candidates and exams and evaluate the respective results in real time.

  • Both the administration interface and the test are designed in such a way that the design of the respective partner can be displayed by adapting a few parameters. The test system is consistently multilingual and can be extended by any language. English and German are available from the start, Arabic and Farsi are currently being added.

An illustration of the test in the Cisco look is available at:

Impressions from eval-U

On the multilingual test in the look of the Cisco WebAcademy is presented.
In the course of the test, the user answers 20 questions in different formats. The better the answers, the more demanding the questions.

Project details

  • URL:
  • Customer: Cisco Systems Deutschland
  • Branch: NGO
  • Realisation: 3 months, launch in February 2018
  • Technology: TYPO3, Version 8.7
  • Work: Conception, design, technical realisation, further development