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Captrain Intranet
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Besides a conservative design sketch we also proposed a very contemporary version, which showcases in a modular way the visual strength of Captrain Germany. In full agreement with our client a very modern, responsive and in all respects contemporary online presence was created.
The modular home page and a look at the content.
Latest news with top news highlighted.
Clearly arranged job offers.

Technical implementation

In accordance with the company’s other platforms TYPO3 in Longterm Support Version 6.2 was the CMS of choice.

Besides several responsive content modules to display comprehensive categorised data (news, events, downloads), features and functions have been implemented which allow unobstructed exchange and collaboration of employees at different places with different means of access.

  • Depending on their location, employees can access the intranet via pc, terminal, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Log-in is via Single Sign On, because of the personalisation via Active Directory (LDAP Integration) the user’s normal system log-in is sufficient.
  • Thanks to closed user circuits, individual work areas are able to have their own individual exchange of data. A form generator allows the editorial production of application forms and PDFs.
  • The Captrain employee magazine is incorporated as ePaper.
  • Location-specific weather information is integrated as REST Services.
  • Between intranet and internet news-based information is automatically synchronised and facilitates the editorial workflow.

Further Developement

Since 2018, cosmoblonde has been entrusted with the maintenance and further development of the company's website in addition to the intranet.
In 2019, a Polish client solution of the German site was implemented. 

Project details

  • URL: intern
  • Customer: Captrain Deutschland GmbH
  • Realisation: 8 months
  • Technology: Strategic and creative consulting, design/prototyping, web styleguide, frontend and TYPO3-programming, development of own extensions, cms and system integration, training, maintenance and support for a responsive intranet gateway based on TYPO3 8.7 LTS