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Successful communication on intranet and internet

Our Task

Captrain Deutschland GmbH is a company of the French SNCF Logistics Group. The company, with a large number of subsidiaries and affiliates, employs 1,240 people and has 157 locomotives, 2,500 freight wagons, 7 specialist workshops and 454 km of its own railway infrastructure.

Initially, we developed the group's intranet.
Captrain Deutschland GmbH's wish was for an internal communication network that would meet the diverse internal information and communication needs, simplify exchange, and facilitate access and updates to central documents.
The technology used was to have a modular character and enable gradual expansion and further development. It was to be implemented on the basis of the existing corporate design elements in order to create identity-forming effects.

The Design

In addition to a rather conservative design draft that Captrain had initially wanted, we developed a variant that picks up on Captrain's visual strengths in a very contemporary and modular way and puts them in the limelight.
In full agreement, a very modern, responsive and also otherwise contemporary online presence was then created on the basis of the company's existing corporate design.

The modular start page and a look at the content.
Current news with highlighted top news.
Clear job offers.

The technical implementation

In terms of CMS, the decision was made in favour of TYPO3 - in line with the company's other platforms.

In addition to a series of responsive content modules for the presentation of comprehensive categorised information (news, events, downloads), features and functions were implemented that allow for a smooth exchange and collaboration of employees at very different locations and with very different access options.

  • Registration takes place via a single sign-on, and personalisation via Active Directory (LDAP integration) means that a user's normal system login is sufficient.
  • Closed user areas allow individual work areas to engage in targeted intra-area exchange.
  • A form generator enables the editorial creation of application forms and PDFs.
  • The Captrain staff magazine was integrated as an ePaper.
  • News-based information (press releases, job advertisements) is automatically synchronised between the intranet and the internet, thus facilitating the editorial workflow.
  • The result is an up-to-date communication and information platform that makes it easier for the employees of the Captrain Deutschland Group to access current information from the various divisions of the company, regardless of time and place. 

Further development

Since 2018, cosmoblonde has been entrusted with the maintenance and further development of the company's website in addition to the intranet. In 2019, a Polish client solution of the German site was implemented. 


  • URL:
  • Kunde: Captrain Deutschland GmbH
  • Branche: Logistik
  • Umsetzung: 8 Monate
  • Technologie: TYPO3 8.7, Responsive Design, Active Directory Integration
  • Leistungen: Beratung, Konzeption, UX-Design, Screendesign/ Prototyping, Webstyleguide, Frontend-Programmierung und TYPO3-Integration, Entwicklung eigener TYPO3-Extensions, Systemintegration, Schulung, Wartung und Support für ein responsives Intranetportal auf Basis von TYPO3