We are cosmoblonde.


We create online communication with the desire to make corporate and brand personalities more tangible.

Online, mobile, both internally and externally. From Berlin, since 2002.

We believe in the power of:

  • Reduction. Focusing on the essentials does not need many words.
  • Response. Who shows oneself can be seen.
  • Stories. Connections link facts, memories and people.
  • Continuous Development. A Website is a process, not a product.
  • Honest Exchange. Good communication takes place on an equal footing.

We offer:

Strategic, creative and technical solutions for successful online communications under one roof, and around 20 years of experience in brand and corporate communications, shops and branded entertainment.

1. Creative consulting and digital communication design 

  • Each organisation and each product has a story to tell that makes it special. Our task is to find your story. 
  • At the same time, in our role as UX designers we act as user advocates. We pave the way, enabling your target users to find you and experience your offer as gratifying added value.

For each of our customers, we work out a distinctive, responsive communication design:  your statement, your language, your visual world, your flow, your success.

2. Content services:

Together with you, we define goals and success criteria and identify your exact target groups. We analyse your content potential throughout your communication strategy and align it with your target groups’ expectations. 

  • Using analysis, structure and appealing presentation formats, we provide users with orientation and guidance on your content. 
  • We define the basics of your linguistic world and establish rules for web-appropriate wording.
  • If desired, we develop media and target group-specific content according to your specifications, as well as revising existing texts on the basis of your corporate wording and message.
  • We identify and optimise aspects relevant to SEO, and provide a mix of short-term emergency measures and long-term optimisation to ensure the online visibility of your offer to your specific target groups.
  • We support you in your editorial planning and the implementation of communications objectives. Our experienced editorial and editing team is also happy to support you with the daily maintenance and/or migration of your content

Through regular evaluations, successes and potential are quickly identified! 

3. CMS integration and technical support

In the field of technological implementation, our focus is on finding the solution that is the best fit for you and your needs. 

  • We offer consultation on and implementation of Internet and Intranet solutions, based on market leading CMS and shop systems (e.g. TYPO3, Wordpress, Drupal, Magnolia, Shopware 5). How about, for example, an update of your site to the current LTS version 9.5 of TYPO3?
  • We create interfaces for existing systems and ensure high-performance, reliable and secure operation.

Within deadline and on budget.

4. Continuous improvement

A (re-)launch is always a liberating moment. And the moment when communicative optimisation begins: 

  • How do users perceive your offer?  
  • Are you achieving your target traffic? 
  • Is the server performance adequate?
  • Are you reaching your SEO objectives?
  • Which expressions could work even better?

Successful communication is an ongoing process. We are happy to accompany you on your journey, and look forward to celebrating your success with you!


Your management contact partners:

Christina Heres Organization / Consulting
Anjana Muschenich Creative Consulting / UX
Frank Wulf Technology / Consulting