Enterprise Content Management with TYPO3 CMS

Compared to other OpenSource CMS like Wordpress or Drupal we see TYPO3 as the most universal and best performing Open Source CMS on the market. TYPO3 is a great choice for content- and service oriented websites - for brand sites, companies and institutions likewise.

Based on a well structured organization and supported by a large developer community TYPO3 has been around for many years and is actively been developed and improved with a careful and sustainable LongTerm support release strategy.

The TYPO3 extension repository offers access to thousands of freely available functional extensions for all kinds of features and ready-to-use modules like: news, calendars, galleries, formbuilders, newsletter, SEO add ons, blogs, shops and more.

The current LTS Version 9.5 will be supported until September 2021 with bugfixes and security related updates.

cosmoblonde provides years of experience with TYPO3 and is Certified TYPO3 Integrator.

TYPO3 Key Features

  • Enterprise level CMS functionality as OpenSource product - no license fees
  • large developer community and agency support - no vendor lock-in
  • thousands of free extensions
  • object orientated programming standards based on reliable MVC patterns
  • Wysiwyg Editing
  • moderate training for editors needed
  • implementation of complex publishing workflows for editing teams
  • multi language and multi site
  • responsive backend for mobile editing
  • excellent performance with moderate hosting requirements
  • LongTerm Support for sustainable investments

Our TYPO3-Services

  • Creating your website with TYPO3
  • Relaunch or migration to TYPO3
  • Upgrade to TYPO3 LTS Version 9.5
  • TYPO3 extension development

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